Portal to the Public Video

Portal to the Public Video

A brief video that explains more about Portal to the Public.

Click here to watch a brief introductory video about Portal to the Public.

Our Community

Our Community

The institutions in the network form a community that supports collaboration and resource sharing.

Click to read more about the diverse institutions that make up the Portal to the Public Network.

Framework and Resources

Framework and Resources

Portal to the Public developed a set of concepts and resources to be used to build a new program connecting scientists and public audiences.

Click to see a sampling of resources created for Portal to the Public, including the guiding framework.

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Portal to the Public

Portal to the Public is a program designed to help Informal Science Education (ISE) institutions bring scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face interactions. The program framework has been implemented at diverse institutions that form the Portal to the Public Network. The NSF-funded Portal to the Public Network Expansion Project fosters a larger, more diverse community of practitioners and creates a broad, living network of ideas and strategies for scientist-and-public engagement in a range of informal science settings including zoos, aquariums and nature centers. The Portal to the Public Network is currently expanding, and would like to connect with new institutions and other ISE networks.

See our Community and About pages for more information on the program. Explore the site to learn how to Join or download public Resources.

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