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The Portal to the Public (PoP) approach helps organizations connect public audiences with current science in their own communities through conversations with local scientists. Led by Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington, the PoP Network provides strategies and resources to build local communities of scientists and educators who are dedicated to public engagement with current science. Learn more about joining the Portal to the Public Network.

Latest News

Grant Opportunity: NASA@ My Library project grants

For the past 5 months, we have been working with two Portal to the Public Network sites on a pilot phase of a NASA-supported project called NASA@ My Library. We are pleased to announce the second phase of the NASA@ My Library project: a competitive grant phase that will award four to six PoPNet sites to fulfill project activities based on findings from pilot sites.

The role of PoPNet member sites in this effort is to help link NASA-funded scientists, with public libraries and their communities. Member sites of PoPNet will serve as regional resources for libraries that have been selected to participate in the NASA@ My Library project (“Partner Libraries“). This project is an opportunity to innovate around PoPNet’s traditional goals and outcomes, by designing new programs that will take place virtually. Participating PoPNet organizations will recruit and train local NASA-funded researchers and engineers, who will then deliver virtual programming in select regional Partner Libraries. Project grant recipients will develop programs that allow scientists to connect to library patrons through a virtual platform but still providing interactive experiences and engaging in two-way dialogue. All current PoPNet member sites are welcome to apply!

Applications are due: Thursday, April 5, 5 p.m. PDT. Projects must be completed between May 15, 2018 and December 31, 2018. If you have any questions about the NASA@ My Library project grants, please contact Carolina at CChambers@pacsci.org

Updated resources are coming!

It’s only been 6 years since the Portal to the Public Implementation Manual was first published, but a lot has changed since then! The Network has expanded to 60 institutions, members now come from not just science centers but universities, botanical gardens, research groups, and zoos/aquariums, and the field of science communication continues to grow and evolve in exciting directions. To reflect all this change, we’re working on updating our Implementation Manual and associated resources to make Portal to the Public implementation stronger for existing and future organizations. Updates will include: new professional development for scientists, updated case studies and “lessons learned,”, new resources for universities, additional resources on PoP program sustainability, and more!

Our expected completion date is this winter. The Implementation Manual will be distributed to current member sites and available for purchase on this site. Feedback on the process is always welcome. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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